Christmas In July!

It's that time of year again! AlgaeBarn and our amazing partners have put together the biggest contest ever, with a beautiful CADE Tank, Kessil Premium Lights and so much more! Refer your Friends for points, Share with your social communities for points, & Win CADE 1200 S2 Aquarium + Kessil AP9X Kit AP9X Light AP9X Mounting Arm AlgaeBarn Ultimate Refugium Starter Pack - Sized for the 1200 S2 (Medium) AlgaeBarn Aquarium Setup Kit with : Rock By Pristine Rock 40 Lbs Base Rock 30 Lbs Shelf Rock 25 Lbs Single Cut rock Salt, Chemicals, and Additives by Fritz 1 Fritz RPM Calcium Buffer System Pt 1 Alkalinity 1 Fritz RPM Calcium Buffer System Pt 2 Calcium 1 Fritz RPM Liquid Magnesium 1 Fritz Coral Max 1 Box Fritz RPM Red Box Salt Sand by Caribsea (3 Total Bags) Choose Sand Color / Type from: Oolite sand Fiji Pink Hawaiian Black Aragonite $300 Coral Mystery Box by ChaosAquaculture Corals Chosen by Chaos to provide a blend of common sought after Species DOC Skimmer 9410 by Tunze